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Visit to Donetsk (Ukraine.)Exchange of experience in action.
Published: 21.11.2011

Our specialists went on business trip to "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" JSC institute on November 14-15, Donetsk, Ukraine.

The delegation of our company included: - Olegs Jakuins head of CPE department -Konstantins Storoevs - Chief Project Engineer -Marti Aboli - head of the Automation department -Arturs Langenfelds head of CAP group The purpose of business trip was acquaintance with the experience of implementation and operating of electronic document management system based on Lotsia PDM. JUZNIIGIPROGAZ is one of the oldest design institutes in the former Soviet area, established in 1930s. Today the university continues to design objects for gas industry in the areas of production, refining and gas trunk lining. Gained practical information will be used to prepare introduction of the document management system at the Olimps company.