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History of collaboration between Olimps Ltd. and Rosneft JSC with examples related to RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt.
Published: 23.11.2012

Interview with Olimps Ltd. project director Oleg Volodin.

Interview of Olimps project director Oleg Volodin to Olimps Information and Service department.
I_S: Please give us brief insight of cooperation between Olimps and Rosneft.
O_V: Our cooperation started with the first project of RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt: The development concept of APCS. The first real project was the automated control system introduction in the loading facility No. 3 with the pumping station No. 1. It was the first refurbishment projects in the enterprise. Though only one of our company departments was involved in this Project, namely APCS department. The next very important step in our cooperation was implementation of The technology of fuel oil loading project. This project required contribution by all departments . The most up-to-date technological solutions were used in the project at all stages.
IS: How long is the period of this cooperation?
O_V: Cooperation with "RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt" began in 2005 and continues to the present day.
IS: How many projects have been implemented from the beginning of your cooperation? O_V: We are working together for 7 years and in this time we have implemented a lot of projects in different directions: technology solutions development, electric power supply, automated tehnological process projects. It would not be a exagregation to say that there are hundreds of successfully completed projects. One third of these projects are classified as large-scale projects.
IS: Well, what if we talk particularly about 2012?
O_V: This year was very fruitful. We worked together on 37 objects, which include not only the design, also APCS development and adjustment works. I could specify commissioning of the deep-water jetty 1A in June 2012, the oil technology project, design of enterprise treatment facilities, modernization of jetties number 3 and number 6, the reconstruction of industrial pipelines on oil pier berths full development and of the fire station and automatic fire fighting system.
IS: What is usually included in the project implementation?
O_V: In fact, each project is unique. The project is implemented on the basis of customer technical assignment and regulatory and technical documentation. Accordingly, the project can contain different stages and sections. If we talk about the typical object, it includes all the sections of the design (the technological part, the architectural building part, the general plan, electrical part, tehnological process control automatization), supervision, automated control systems design, application software development, start-up operations (including complex commissioning), putting into experimental and then to industrial exploitation.
IS: Do you have any plans for further cooperation?
O_V: We hope that our cooperation has reached the level of partnership, as we do not just accomplish our assignments, but also work closely in enterprise long-term development agenda. An example of such cooperation is the participation in the perspective project, the expansion of the tank farm .