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Reconstruction of the Inukalns underground gas storage facility
Published: 29.04.2019

Our company has signed a contract with JSC "Conexus Baltic Grid" for the reconstruction of four gas wells in inukalns Underground gas storage.

Before cleaning the well, it must be clogged to prevent gas leakage. This is the thinnest place in the storage, where the distance to the gas layer is only 700 m. During operation, safety valves will be installed in the wells, the performance of all gas storage and consumption cycles will be increased. For gas exghaustion operations the storage facility had to store up to 300 million m3 of gas at all times. Currently, it is planned to upgrade the system so that the gas injection and exhaustion operations are performed much faster ,which will result in not storing the excess volume of gas. In total, it is planned to invest more than 80 million EUR in the modernization of the storage facility. Half of the project cost is covered by the European Union. Conexus Baltic Grid intends to complete the reconstruction works by December 2025.