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09/14/2021 In-person workshop held by "Legrand" specialists (France)
Published: 18.09.2021

After a yearlong break, it was our pleasure to host an in-person workshop for electrical department and automation department specialists held by "Legrand" representatives.

The Legrand Group is a global expert in electrical and information systems of buildings and constructions. The main purpose of the event was to raise awareness on the general range of Legrand products.
The workshop schedule included the following products and equipment:

  • -modular equipment, circuit breakers (RX,TX,DX);
  • -DPX circuit breakers up to 1600A;
  • -DMX air circuit breakers up to6000A;
  • - contactors and CTX motor circuit breakers
  • - modular panels and cabinets
  • -uninterruptible power supply
  • -SCS for copper cables.

  • Relevant European manufacturing standards related to the types of equipment.