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onstruction design contract for Riga-Salaspils-Misa section of Rail Baltica project is signed.
Published: 11.07.2019

The signing procedure was attended by Talis Linkaits,Minister of transport, Timo Riihimaki, RB Rail Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, Olivier Bouvard, Chairman of the Board of Egis Rail (France), representatives of DB Engineering (Germany)and Sergejs Ignatenko, Olimps project director.

According to the initial detailed technical study, it is planned that this section will have an intersection with roads, which will require technical solutions and the design of 33 road crossings, as well as a connection to the intermodal logistics center Rail Baltica in Salaspils and the infrastructure service hub in Vangazi. It is also planned to build 11 bridges, including 1.3 km long bridge across the Daugava river in Salaspils and Kekava counties. The design length of the railway of this section is 67 km.