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Latvijas Gaze, Jsc
Published: 05.02.2020

esign projects : "Reconstruction of valve unit No. Iz225 of gas pipeline Izborsk -Inchukalns UGS; Reconstruction of valve unit No. Iz227 of gas pipeline Izborsk -Inchukalns UGS;; Reconstruction of junction unit connecting gas pipeline Upmala -Preili Rezekne with gas pipeline Riga Daugavpils; Construction of cleaning and smart pig launching unit for the Riga-Panevezys gas pipeline; Reconstruction of junction unit connecting gas pipelines Pskov - Riga, Izborsk -Incukalns PUGS, Riga - Incukalns I-line and Riga - Inukalns II-line with Inukalns Underground Gas Storage; Reconstruction of Sloka Gas Regulating Station (GRS) with the installation of existing equipment in the GRS container.