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General contracting in the field of investments and construction

Company Olimps fulfils a complete set of construction and assembly works for installation of automation systems of technological equipment and technological processes, lay out of the utilities, execution of power supply and communication systems, improvement of adjacent territories for construction works of the production complexes and buildings.
Thanks to the professionalism of the companys specialists we are able of constructing both new and modern objects and manage reconstruction of existing, operating high-tech objects without interrupting the main technological processes.
Our general contracting services involve:

  • Sourcing the necessary subcontractors.
  • Concluding subcontract agreements for performance of separate operations.
  • Day-to-day planning of construction and development of work execution projects.
  • Organisation of construction including insuring civil preparedness of the site, structures and specific operations to enable the subcontractors to carry out construction and assembly.
  • Ensuring labor safety and nature protection on site, as well as fire safety during construction and assembly.
  • Management of the economic works for the site and filing of technical documentation.
  • Control and supervision of works under contracts and subcontracts, ensuring quality of works performed and attending of contractual obligations.
  • Development of the system for the collection and analyzing of the information about  potential subcontractors.
  • Performing technical and economical, financial and legal expertise with assistance of potential subcontractors.
  • Performing commitment of the object together with the Customer. 
Depending of the region where the object is located we will select the optimum construction plan for the Customer, first of all taking into account the opportunity to manage the construction, assembly and other works involving  local subcontractors and the Customers technical services.