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Unified software and hardware complex «UniPark» for process automation of the crude oil and oil products tank farms

Software and hardware complex «UniPark» - a new integrated solution for the process automation for crude oil and oil products small and medium tank farms.

Today most of large companies working in the field of crude oil and oil products storage, transhipment and transportation have started implementation or already implemented integrated automated process control systems and stock record systems. Though, implementation of automated systems at small and middle-scale companies is prevented by the high costs of the engineering services and the costs of development, implementation and maintenance of these control systems.
The engineering Company “Olimps” possesses 15-year long experience in development of automated process control systems for crude oil and oil products transportation and transhipment facilities. The company developed and accumulated experience in executing of large-scale projects. Being aware of the needs of small oil terminals for automation of processes, we have developed special technological blocks, control algorithms and engineering solutions which enable us to implement highly effective automation systems at low cost. The software and hardware complex “Unipark” is developed from such blocks, algorithms and solutions.
The "Unipark” complex is intended to be a flexible, unified, easily enhancible modular control system for crude oil and oil products storage, distribution and transhipment tank farms.
The distinctive feature of the “Unipark” complex is providing of a comprehensive solution of the issues related to control and recording of stock flow.
Comprehensive approach to solution of automation issues encompasses a full set of project components: system development, equipment supplies, and maintenance.
The software and hardware complex “Unipark” consists of:
”Unipark Maxi” – full range unified software and hardware automated process control system that can be installed at the crude oil and oil products tank farms with high throughput intensity that already operate and at those being constructed.
”Unipark Mini” unified modular software control system, which is envisaged for planning and solution of the operative objectives of the operators and dispatchers, for organisation and control of the technological processes, as well as for use in the functioning petroleum storage depots, where implementation of large automated process control systems is economically unpractical because of lower crude oil and oil products throughput intensity and capacity.
”Unipark IC” (IC – inventory control) – unified software system for operative control and recording of the product flow at the petroleum storage depots. The system is provided for free integration with both the “Unipark Maksi” and the “Unipark Mini” on unified technical basis.
Each of the “Unipark” complex systems is a finished application product and it may be used unaided.
The users of the complex “Unipark” are: company’s management, management of the tank farm, dispatchers, operators and laboratory employees, in accordance with the structural chart of the company and assigned access levels.
Short description of the “Unipark Maxi”
“Unipark Maxi” provides opportunities to reach highly efficient and economically beneficial solutions for development, implementation and operation of the automated control systems: how?
Let’s look at the main development stages of an individual automated process control system and compare them with similar development stages of the complex “Unipark Maxi” (Schedule No1).
Schedule No1. The comparative schedule for the main development stages of the APCS.

Individual project
Software and hardware complex “Unipark”
Inspection of the company and development of the automated control system concept
In many respects is replaced with filling in of a special questionnaire
Development of the design and estimation documentation
Development of the design and estimation documentation is simplified thanks to the unified standard solutions
Development of the software, considering the choice of the hardware
Thanks to the using of proven program blocks, the development of the software is not included in the structure of the issues
Startup and adjustment works at the Customers site alongside with the debugging of the software and hardware
Is very simplified and decreased because of the reasons given in the 3rd stage
Training of the Customers personnel
Fast, simple an easy because thanks to the use of special methodology and a table simulator of the tank farm
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the system, related with correction of the imperfections revealed during testing operation
Thanks to the use of standard, debugged program elements and hardware, there is opportunity to raise safety of the system and decrease to the minimum the time and resources spent on technical maintenance.
When developing the "Unipark Maxi" special attention has been given to proper choice of the basic hardware and software: only reliable microprocessor hardware and software with proven reputation manufactured by leading international companies were selected. "Unipark Maxi" is built on the basis of “SIEMENS”, „Schneider Electric" and “Intouch” microprocessor hardware. When choosing implementation tools for the “Unipark Maxi” we selected properly certified software and hardware that were manufactured by the companies having a network of representative offices wide enough to ensure appropriate technical support and warranty service.
Advantages given by the “Unipark Maxi” at the stage of development and implementation
  • Puts no limits on the Customer choosing a developer and does not limit the choice of field devices during reconstruction of an existing tank farm and construction of a new one.
  • Allows for integrating of the existing operable field devices with the control system (integration without reconstruction or with minimum reconstruction is possible).
  • System implementation stage-by-stage with gradual attachment of new elements and features.
  • Requires less time for development and implementation.
  • Allows decreasing costs of the system.
  • Allows decreasing time needed for personnel training.
Advantages given by the “Unipark Maxi” during operation
“Unipark Maxi” possesses all the functionality typical for a standard automated process control system of a tank farm:
  • Visualisation and dynamic representation of all the tank farm process elements status on the operator control station monitor.
  • Remote control of the process from the operator or supervisor automated workstation.
  • Emergency alerts for the operator or supervisor.
  • Automatic execution of process block and safety protection system operation.
  • Automatic diagnostics of the technical condition of the management system elements and instrumentation.
  • Visual representing, automatic recording, and storage of the process parameters and events in electronic logs, charts and archives.
  • Efficient stock recording and real-time commodity balances for the oil products.
Additional advantages
  • High fail-safety of the control system thanks to applying of proven hardware and up-to-date software elements.
  • Increase of technological and ecological safety of the production process thanks to reduction of human factor impact upon process management.
  • Savings in wage cost thanks to automation of people work.
  • Increasing effectiveness of the company management thanks to fast receiving of reliable information concerning:
             · status of production and technological process;
             · status of product flow.
  • Remote access to the control system to view and control results and receive reports on-line (according to the assigned access level) thanks to:
             · integration of the control system into the corporate information network;
             · connection to the Internet.
  • System availability for adjustments and adaptation with modifications in:
             · the flow chart of the tank farm;
             · the process schedule;
             · structure of the process elements and instrumentation (addition and/or replacement).
Short description of the “Unipark Mini”
Automation of tank farm processes can be started with the system “Unipark Mini”.
“Unipark Mini” does not encompass PLCs, control cabinets, communication lines, it does not require reconstruction of the tank farm either, therefore it is affordable to any company. All is needed to develop a “Unipark Mini” is the existing flow chart of the tank farm. Thanks to the simple and convenient data input and representation system the “Unipark Mini” can be a great help to an operator or supervisor.
Possibilities ensured by the key “Unipark Mini” features:
“Visualisation module”
  • set up process elements and visual represent them in the form of mimic diagrams on the operator control station monitor;
  • control and analyse efficiently the status of the process including individual parameters and elements;
  • record the performed process-related activities in the electronic “Event Log”;
  • record the results of measurements of process parameters and products parameters. 
    “Control, reminding, warning module”
  • Receive the system reminders, prompts and warnings.

“Task module”
  • Form process-related tasks for operating personnel and follow up their execution;
  • Record process related tasks and their execution in the electronic “Task log“;
  • Issue tasks in soft and hard forms.

“Standard report module”
  • Computerise the document flow.
  • Efficiently form and issue the report information both in tables and charts both in soft and hard form.
  • Store the reports in long-term archives.

“On-line stock-record module”
  • Control and record the stock flow.
  • Issue the stock reports and balances in soft and hard form.  

“Remote viewing module”
  • Integrate the control system with the corporate information network.
  • Ensure remote access to the control system to enable the company personnel to view the processes, control the results and receive reports in accordance with the company structural chart and individual access levels. The reports can be received:
             · via corporate information network;
             · via the Internet.
“Unipark Mini” can be used at the first stage of implementation of a larger scale automated process control system and then gradually developed on an as-needed basis up to the full range of features offered by “Unipark Maxi”. The important point is that the system developed and installed previously becomes a contribution to the new system, the latter is developed taking into account all investments already made.
The software and hardware complex „Unipark” provides simple and effective control system adjustment and configuration tools tailored for individual requirements of each project. Moreover, it is be available for customer’s employees to adjust and configure system and even make changes in the process schedule if necessary. Minimum requirements for qualification of the employee is basic PC competence and completed training course held by the system Developer. The developer’s support staff provides help consultancy to the customers, thus ensuring high effectiveness of the control system operation and maintenance.
Taking into account constantly growing technological and ecological requirements for tank farms, severe competition on the market and increasingly intense operation of oil terminals implementation of the Unipark Complex systems could be a powerful tool to enable the companies dealing with crude oil and oil products storage, transhipment and distribution to solve efficiently the issues of increasing competitiveness and safety.
To find more detailed information about the software and hardware complex “Unipark” please refer to the web-page